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Aug. 23rd, 2012



Visitor by cunabula


Just popped in to catch the light.

Jul. 15th, 2012


Feeding an electronic addiction and matters arising...

Ditched analogue cigarettes for digital last Monday - initially to see what they’d be like for use when working at Richard’s and Lee’s flats on exciting projects. However, once I’d thought about it, also just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the increasingly unpleasant side effects of twenty years of tar, monoxide &c.

I like smoking apart from the, well, smoke bit. Silly really. Now I have all the nicotine I ‘need’ with none of the other stuff + unexpected added benefits:

  1. Seemingly needing one less hour in bed and waking up refreshed and focused;
  2. Ability to actually get shit done in the evening, I’ve been massively productive this week;
  3. Cutting down on smoking – as I can now have the drag I want/need without the rest of the cigarette, I do.

All in all rather nifty, so thanks, Richard and Lee.

Also purchased a coat with functioning zip and that doesn’t look like I’ve been mauled by moths in the outer darkness, a backpack that my laptop actually fits all the way inside, some combats that closely resemble my 20-year-old originals* and some trainer-type shoes without holes in the soles.

I’m really not that big on shopping for clothes, seems so unnecessary and expensive when new bits of equipment/tech/books are also available and you’re running out of scalpel blades and other consumables. Still, while I’m reinventing other things I suppose my wardrobe could do with some love.

UPDATE: Wardrobe didn’t get love, got attacked with pruning shears, now over 2/5ths of it is at Scope. Found uniform from every pub I ever worked it, Camberwell Student Union Bar drinking t-shirt ... happy memories.

*If I’d know how rare those were going to be I’d have bought 5 pairs.

Jun. 21st, 2012



It's rather satisfying messing around with things you don't quite understand. Just had my Raspberry Pi plugged into the router downstairs for a bit trying to install openjdk so I can see if I can get processing and arduino working on it.

Dismal failure but top fun so far.

May. 30th, 2012


The flat's gone.


Cue brief moping.

May. 29th, 2012


I have, I think, found a place to live...

I'm going to see it on Thursday. It's quite near to a train line which is the only thing that gives me pause, and it's in entirely an unexpected part of town but it has good connections.

Nervous, excited, nervously excited.

Might end up slightly overstretched but it's the sort of place I can see myself being holed up in with books and paint and plans. One thing I wanted was to be reasonably close to as many of my friends as possible which means north of the river but then I asked myself why I'm moving and really it's so I can work and live on my own.

This place has night buses and that's all I really need.

I really hope it works out.

May. 21st, 2012


Pro tip: Knives (and some events attended)

Always pay attention to where the sharp end is.

I stopped paying attention to the sharp end of a scalpel on Saturday morning and it was brought to my attention moments later as I realised I'd stuck it, with reasonable force, into my thigh. Quite messy.

Then I went out to a mainly soulless Music Tech Festival with Lee wearing my blackest trousers in a vague attempt to hide inevitable leakage.

This was an informative hatefest of how to gather data for the music industry while locking up valuable IP as much as possible in packages that synergise the monetisable metrics of user event objects (I expect you get the drift - there was little talk of actual music or actual fans in the sense that real people might use the terms). Matt Black from Coldcut was a/the notable exception.

Next we joined Eris for the most purely joyful thing I've attended in ages: Ethometric Museum at the Battersea Arts Centre. I will tell you nothing more other that it's on until 26 May and you really must go, any further information would be spoilery.

Friday night we'd been to Babel which was also lots of fun and also put on by BAC, to who's event list I will be paying greater attention in future.

May. 17th, 2012


listening to "Little Sister - .O. Rang" on Blip

.O.Rang - Little Sister

May. 13th, 2012


Week Notes

Not a lot to report. Met up with an old friend I’ve not seen in years. One of those ‘like you’ve only not seen them in a week or two’ meetings which was nice.

The space I think I want to live in came up on Gumtree again after being off the list for a couple of weeks so I emailed to arrange a viewing – everyone I’ve talked to about it has said just get it and worry about the details later, possibly because they hate me.

The whole thought of moving gives me the willies though. Especially as I need furniture (which I quite want to make myself) and white goods and all that grown up stuff that I haven't had to deal with since my American adventure ended so badly.

It’s at the top end of my budget so I expect I’ll be able to catch up on unread books as I can’t see myself going out all that much after I’ve settled in (if I get it that is). Still, I do have an awful lot of notes for work I haven’t had the space to make and there would be space in abundance. And I do need to relearn to draw and learning to paint is also on the list, and …

I’ve always liked change but also to feel secure and somewhat grounded, which doesn’t make a heap of sense. As long as I know where the bathroom and the exits are I’m usually happy to wing the rest.

Oh god. The horror. The nerves. Bold adventures. Smaller portions.


Well it’s gone so there’s one less thing to worry about for the moment.

May. 7th, 2012


Week Notes

Double St Bride, Deller and Dinner.

Tuesday: attended a talk at St Bride Library about Designer Bookbinders beautiful work but to my mind most definitely craft rather than art. I mention that only because it came up in the talk – raising ‘craft’ to the level of ‘art’ which I rather took issue with. I don’t think doing that is possible. There can definitely be artistry in craft and craftsmanship in art but they're not different levels on a single scale. ‘raising craft to the level of art’ devalues craft and the person pursuing it.

There’s a longer thing in there about the difference between bookbinding and book art but I’ll spare you, gentle reader.

Wednesday: back to St Bride for a silent poster sale in aid of the library and Central St Martins Graphic Design students’ final show. I managed to show a little restraint but am now the proud owner of this by Dave Cuvelot :

and this by Vicke Cheung:

Hopefully both soon to be on display in a flat with my name on it. I’m still working on it but the rental market’s a bit expensive and I know exactly what I want – there’s no point in me jumping at the wrong place because I’m in a hurry to move. I’m not and I only want to do it once.

Saturday went to see the Jeremy Deller and David Shrigley double header at the Hayward Gallery with Richard. Well, the Deller was amazing, and if you haven’t had a chance to see it you’ve only got until next Sunday, best show I’ve seen in a good while. The other artist is also available and has a couple of good things. A couple.

Then there was dinner and scheming for new projects, which went very well indeed.

Also I got a copy of that book I mentioned I’d designed and I must say I’m reasonably pleased with how it turned out.

Oh, yes, one other thing of note: I saw my optician on Saturday morning and I need new glasses as my eyesight has improved again. Ouch in the wallet but it’s interesting to think that any eye strain I’ve experienced recently (and possibly the tiredness I can’t shake) isn’t due to deterioration in my vision but having to correct an over-correction. Unhelpful helpers.

Apr. 30th, 2012


Week (And A Bit) Notes

Where was I?

Let’s see: the Thursday before last markeris and I went to the latest part of O Brave New World, a petit-immersive retelling of the Tempest over six months in a cafe in Hoxton Street. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the production, which sees a new instalment every month with the space being entirely reconstructed for each scene. First a bar in Borduria, then the inside of a computer and this month Caliban’s cave. It's been fantastically inventive throughout but this time it went to a whole new level.

The cave was a den of scaffolding and bric-a-brac that you had to duck down to enter. Mark and I were lucky enough to be the only people at the performance which added an extra layer of intimacy to the scene as the only other person there was Caliban. Towards the middle of the scene she disappeared and there was the sound of her overhead scrabbling about. Two strips of scaffolding opened up and, sticking our heads through the gap, we were treated to blue sky over the sea (through which we'd stuck our heads) encircling a scale model of the island with a train running round it. The sudden jump this induced was truly joyful.

For the last two Saturdays I've been at Tate Britain with Richard and Maria taking part in a workshop on art mapping, as the Tate works to develop ways to bring the collection outside the gallery and engage with the public. I’ll write up my contribution at the other place soonest. It’s been a really interesting couple of days exploration – even with the video interview and having to present work to a group fear.

Also, I finished a couple of weeks of evenings designing a book for Zero State. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s printed as it’s my first POD publication (via Lulu) – live production experiments FTW (hopefully).

And lastly Molly Crabapple gave a talk at the Groucho which was cracking, involved some book signing and some members club envy.

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