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Weekend of 'three month plan'ning

Weekend was taken up with planning and organising for the raft of projects I have left for the end of the year. All pretty dry though the outcomes will be pretty exciting.

There’s been a lot of that going on of late: marshalling dominoes, standing them all up in the hope that when they fall (or rather get pushed) the pattern makes a pleasing shape and suggests what the next one should be.

Had rather hoped I’d be able to do all this organising from my own home. Unfortunately, while all the financial crap involved with moving is in place the actual places have dried up and what’s left is overpriced, tiny or in an impractical location. I’m hoping that now the Olympics and the start of the university year are over everything will calm down on that front because I really am bumping against the limiter of what I can do with the space I have.

Saturday I seem to have spent mainly moving files from one place to another, a thankless but necessary task lightened by following a link trail to TRON: Uprising towards the end of the day. And hearing Volga at Ausland when it came on shuffle.

Defunct Russian Netlabel.

Woke up on Sunday and signed up for a Spreadshirt account. Time from beginning the process to ordering my first T-shirt: 1.5 hours (and that included breakfast and finding some obscure bank details). More will follow. After that, a bunch of research for UI and dashboard elements for the temp0rary gig. I always think this bit is odd the balancing of function with design – make it look ‘all techno and future’ without adding any pointless cruft. I got quite obsessed with screen corners, ‘what would be the point of cutting them off ... why rounded...’ that sort of thing. And there was some storyboarding.

More on some of these things hopefully tomorrow. Now back to work.


Longish explanation:

Volga at Ausland was released on Musica Excentrica. I think the roster of the label was about 18 albums one of which Warren Ellis linked to about three years ago with the advice that, as with all these possibly dodgy but definitely ephemeral free music outlets, it's best to download the whole catalogue on the off chance that they're gone the day after.

Needless to say ME is now gone and I'm rather glad that I have all the music. The phrase popped into my head as I was listening and I found what it was on my hard drive and where it had come from. I tweeted same as @LJRP has an interest in odd 3/4 word phrases and I thought it would possibly look good as a t-shirt in that odd Japanese nonsense text style.

As soon as I see what my current Spreadshirt design looks like when it arrives I'm probably going to get one made and set up a shop for similar.

All my work has stories attached, often rambling and not all that interesting but there you go.

September 2013

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