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Sep. 9th, 2013


At Her Lady’s Pleasure

Have updated the microsite for temp0rary’s recent performance with Kate Spence, now with performance photographs, programme notes and the beginnings of documentation from behind the scenes.

Go have a look, I’m inordinately proud of what we achieved and that really doesn't happen often, if, in fact, ever.


Jul. 10th, 2013


A Garden Party At Her Lady’s Pleasure

You are cordially invited to a garden party

At Her Lady’s Pleasure

An exclusive event for respectable ladies and gentlemen of fine upbringing and moral negotiability.

Partake in the finest delicacies from around the globe for the mirth and stimulation of Her Lady; cavort and participate in the Hysterical Concerto constructed by the court’s alchemists and physicians.

Please arrive at 7pm on Friday, 23rd August, where our disciplined butlers will escort you to our cornucopia of earthly pleasures.

Dress for a decadent evening exploring the boundaries of human sensation.

The Wig, 55 Great Tindal Street, Birmingham, B16 8DR


Entry is free, but limited and by invitation only. Please email me your postal address to receive an invitation.

Jan. 18th, 2013


Snow Crash

Snow Crash by cunabula

Snow Crash

The two things of note viewable from my office this week, in one handy photo.

Posted directly from my Flickr Stream.

Jan. 16th, 2013


(no subject)

temp0rary is going from strength to strength. The two gigs over Christmas saw me getting much needed practice with this whole performing thing and the last one I actually felt reasonably comfortable with (and looked spectacular IMO - must put more pictures up).

Stoya wrote a while back about something an old teacher of hers had said (I'm paraphrasing) "If you don’t come off stage thinking of at least five things that you'll will do better next time, you might as well quit." I'm learning that that's fantastic advice and quite encouraging. The first gig I did with temp0rary I was incandescent with my perceived failings - which I later realised probably weren't apparent to the audience but still needed fixing. I'm learning to take mental notes and fix them at the next available opportunity. Still annoying at the time though.

Recent development weekend in Cunabula Studios saw me and lee_chaos getting to grips with adding Kinect-based processing sketches into the mix and refilming other elements through glass and colanders. Opening up a range of different directions to take the project further and writing proposals is the order of the moment.

Now I'm relearning processing so I can adjust what we have and see where I can push it.

Always exciting times. Needs to be as 'work' is currently sub-optimal and will continue to be so for the foreseeable. Of which I may speak in a less public post.

Jan. 11th, 2013


Chop chop busy busy work work bang bang

If you'd told me at the beginning of last year that in my 'spare' time over the year I would collaborate on two artists books (and sell one to the Tate), design two album covers, start VJing for temp0rary, play five gigs and move to my own place after ten years of languishing at my parents I'd have been both excited and full of trepidation. If you'd told me I'd do almost all of that in the last three months of 2012 I'd have had an aneurysm.

That's pretty much the work rate I need to maintain through this year though, time marching on as it inexorably does.

I'd like to skip the moving bit though as the new place is lush and I have to make some furniture to properly studio-ise it.

Exciting times indeed.

Nov. 26th, 2012


Final weekend.

Spent the weekend packing and moving boxes into my parents' room and then back into mine in preparation for actual moving next week. Now have a particularly brown and rectangular space and won't be able to unfold the futon until I leave. Found a little bottle of champagne which'll be the first thing in the fridge in the new place. I just have one draw to pack and then I'm done, it's the draw I dumped all my work in ages ago and I have very little idea what's in there. looking forward to going through it as I think it's what I'll be working with again as soon as I'm settled.

Will not be ironing at my parents again.
Will not be doing family shopping at Tesco again.

Quite enjoying ticking things off the list as the days run down to shipping out.

Secret Cinema was particularly mental this time out but I can't talk about it yet.

Nov. 19th, 2012


Not that I need validation ...

but yesterday the Tate bought an artists' book that Richard and I have been working on for about a year.

Today I feel somewhat different.


Sep. 26th, 2012


Tired and unemotional

Suffering another prolonged bout of exhaustion and vague disconnection. Getting the same amount of sleep as normal (bar the odd party exception) but I just can't seem to get any rest out of it.

Following a now familar pattern: Slept most of the way on the bus this morning just waking up at my stop then promptly did the same on the train, narrowly missing missing my destination. All that after I'd managed to find time for an espresso before leaving home.

That and I'm comfort eating or listlessness grazing or whatever you want to call it again. Can't seem to stop.

Not much fun and I have things I'd rather be doing at present. Perhaps it's the change of season and it'll all settle down in a week or so.

Bloody hope so.

Sep. 18th, 2012


Weekend of 'three month plan'ning

Weekend was taken up with planning and organising for the raft of projects I have left for the end of the year. All pretty dry though the outcomes will be pretty exciting.

There’s been a lot of that going on of late: marshalling dominoes, standing them all up in the hope that when they fall (or rather get pushed) the pattern makes a pleasing shape and suggests what the next one should be.

Had rather hoped I’d be able to do all this organising from my own home. Unfortunately, while all the financial crap involved with moving is in place the actual places have dried up and what’s left is overpriced, tiny or in an impractical location. I’m hoping that now the Olympics and the start of the university year are over everything will calm down on that front because I really am bumping against the limiter of what I can do with the space I have.

Saturday I seem to have spent mainly moving files from one place to another, a thankless but necessary task lightened by following a link trail to TRON: Uprising towards the end of the day. And hearing Volga at Ausland when it came on shuffle.

Defunct Russian Netlabel.

Woke up on Sunday and signed up for a Spreadshirt account. Time from beginning the process to ordering my first T-shirt: 1.5 hours (and that included breakfast and finding some obscure bank details). More will follow. After that, a bunch of research for UI and dashboard elements for the temp0rary gig. I always think this bit is odd the balancing of function with design – make it look ‘all techno and future’ without adding any pointless cruft. I got quite obsessed with screen corners, ‘what would be the point of cutting them off ... why rounded...’ that sort of thing. And there was some storyboarding.

More on some of these things hopefully tomorrow. Now back to work.

Sep. 10th, 2012


News next door ...

well a couple of streets away. It's a bit odd having a news helicopter parked over your house  for three days and film crews seemingly filming each other round the corner. There are about eight vans with huge satellite dishes breeding in the side streets.

Also odd: clicking on a link in Google Reader and finding yourself wondering if mum's going to be able to get home past the bomb squad cordon as you watch a live video of the trees getting taped off.

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